A Different Day

10 Oct

Yes, today will be a day like none we’ve seen at Ebenezer in quite a while.  Today is the last day of J. Frank McAlpin’s employment at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  (J Frank is his evangelist name … We know him as Justin)

Today will be a sad day at EBC and a happy day.  There are many reasons for sadness and tears, and there are many reasons to be happy about this.  I personally am sad because I love Justin like he is my little brother and have spent every week with him for the past seven and a half years.  For me, it’s not that he has done an EXCELLENT JOB as student minister and as a support for me … And you guys will never know what a support he has been for me … But, it’s more the fact that he IS family.  Period.  We on staff have had an unbelievable run of good relationships and working together, and that is a testament to our staff.  Justin has been a big part of that.  We all consider him as family, and we will all be a little sad.

We KNOW God has a plan in this, a plan to prosper ALL OF US and NOT TO HARM US.  He has a plan for Justin, He has a plan for Westmeade, and yes, He has a plan for Ebenezer.  That is a reason TO BE HAPPY!!  We’ve been blessed at Ebenezer when you consider we have long tenures in ALL of our ministerial positions.  The average tenure of a full-time Southern Baptist minister is 18 MONTHS.  ANOTHER REASON TO BE HAPPY!!  If Justin refused to answer a call of God in His life, it would negate everything for which he stands.  I am thankful he is willing to be obedient, even if it is tough.  ANOTHER REASON TO BE HAPPY!!

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  And the good things FAR OUTWEIGH the bad.  So, there will be tears.  But there is also great reason to praise God!  And, He inhabits the praise of His people!!  THAT IS WHAT WE REALLY NEED TO DO TODAY!!

JMac … I love you, bud!!  And I refuse to accept the fact that you are anything less than a missionary, sent by Ebenezer to Alabama!!!!!

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