The Next Few Steps

11 Oct

A lot of folks have asked what our next few steps will be at EBC.  What do we do now??  Today, we are a church without a student minister…  Where do we go from here?

The process is already at work.  We are receiving resumes from several different sources in the next few weeks.  Personnel will soon begin to review these and pray.  This is the process through which we found Justin (and every youth minister we’ve had) and it is very much a trust and pray process!  I’ve told several folks, “We need to be asking God now who He wants for this position.  NOT telling Him who we want!!”  So IMMEDIATELY you can begin to pray!!

As for day-to-day operations of our Student Ministry, we are thankful that Paige Self will be available to help us for a few months, continuing in her role as Student Ministry Intern.  Between her, Hunter Gregg, Ed Self, Pam Gaddy, me, and our Youth Council and Youth SS Teachers, Student Ministry at EBC WILL CONTINUE!!  Our plan is that we will not miss a beat!!

What does the Crash need from YOU??  PRAY.  Please pray and STAY PLUGGED IN!!  I’ve been asked on a couple of occasions “What if the Crash falls apart??”  The answer to that is this:  “It WON’T as long as YOU don’t allow it to!!!”

One Response to “The Next Few Steps”

  1. kevin reed October 11, 2012 at 7:49 am #

    CrAsH will never fall apart. Justin has tought us much. He feels we are strong enough. This why God called him to Alabama. Because Justin did his job. And will continue withbhis story. He will tell our stories. I will tell his story. i hate to watch youvleave Justin. I live you man. And thanks Mr. David. I pray the person that takes Justins spot will feel welcomed into our church. i love my EBC and i love my CrAsH.

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