A Good Thanksgiving

26 Nov

All in all, it was a good trip home.  Got to see my sister Donna from Memphis, her daughter, her son and his wife.  I think it was good for Dad to see them.  I know I enjoyed spending time with them.  Dad’s memory is getting worse and these visits are really good for everyone.  Twice this weekend, while I was sitting right beside him, he asked mom when I would be there…  Or ask Mom how long they’ve been married … Things like that.  I know a day is coming when he might not know me, and that really stinks.

BUT … it was a good Thanksgiving.  I got to watch some football with him, laugh with he and mom at the breakfast table, watch Bailey the Wonderdog (Krissy’s dog) as she loved on Mom and Dad and conned them out of table scraps and treats.  Bailey REALLY loves Mom.

We missed Elaine and Karl, but they are heading up at Christmas. That will be good, too!

Now, if I can only get over this cold/allergy attack/sinus thing/ear thing that I’ve fighting for 10 days now.  And, honestly, I tried to go see my doctor last Tuesday.  His receptionist wouldn’t allow it.  Hoping to have better luck today.

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