Do YOU have a past???

29 Nov

I’m sorry I must be so serious today, but DO YOU??  Have you done things in the past you regret??  Have you done things that wouldn’t bring glory to God??  Well … HAVE YOU?

Yesterday I had a chance to catch up with a couple of friends.  Friends who allow me to be a regular guy, who don’t force me into the official role of my vocation.  They just let me be me.  I’m appreciative of that!

One of the topics that came up (and it seems to be a much-discussed topic lately) was the past.  How Satan and sometimes people from our past will try to remind you that you are not perfect, that you have a past, and that it might be embarrassing for others to know your past.

Guess what??  WE ALL HAVE A PAST.  We ALL have things we’ve done that we regret.   Two weeks ago I blogged about the same topic … Guilty

All I can tell you is, believe it or not, GOD KNOWS YOUR PAST.  AND HE LOVES YOU ANYWAY!!!  And, as far as I am concerned, NONE OF US have the right to judge others based on their pasts.  We all have past mistakes.  And GOD FORGIVES!!

It’s funny how Satan works the same strings in the lives of so many people.  Remember, he is the father of all lies!!  And, ultimately, he might tell you that you are unlovable and unforgivable.  But God says differently!!

Who are you going to believe???  Personally, I believe God is more concerned with where you are NOW in regards to a relationship with HIM!!!

One Response to “Do YOU have a past???”

  1. Bmb November 29, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

    I DO have a past and if anyone other than my Savior knew it all I’d been run outa town! Praise Him for mercy and grace!

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