Church Growth

3 Dec

How does one grow a church??

There are many methods and theories.  And, believe it or not, my Master of Divinity minor was church growth…  So, all that means is I’ve read a TON of theories and studies.  And I see a lot of those theories and studies happening in Florence.

One theory (and not one that I believe pleases God) is “Tell the people what they want to hear.”  You might call it prosperity gospel or a gospel of justification.  If I took the pulpit every Sunday and told you not to worry about the ungodly things you do in your life, or asked you to just give me $19.95 and in return you would receive ten times that in your checkbook by the end of the year … Those would be central ideas in those churches.  And, people FLOCK to those messages.  Because we all like to hear that it will be okay and we all would like to think that the sins we hold onto are alright in the eyes of God.   And there are churches in Florence, SC, that do this.

Another theory (a little more Biblically centered, but still has many  flaws) is to go after people who can help financially.  Make a concerted effort to treat them well and encourage them to give to the ministry, and then in turn really try to do ministry.  And, yes, there are churches that do this and grow big numbers with fantastic facilities.  And people flock to it. And there are churches in Florence, SC, that do this.

ANOTHER theory is to be primarily evangelistic.  The mission of the church is to tell others about Christ.  I love it, but the entire mission of the church is NOT only found in evangelism.  Don’t get me wrong:  The majority of our county is headed for Hell unless someone tells them.  That leads into ANOTHER theory, and one of which I am quite fond.

DEPTH.  Discipleship.  Learning what it means to be a disciple, and that resulting in telling others about Christ.  When we understand our purpose and what God is doing all around us, it becomes CLEAR when and where we share His good news.  It is the dual-pronged approach … GROWTH, not first by numbers but by maturity.  Spiritual growth that results in numerical growth.

Which do you see in your church??  Which do you think is best?

2 Responses to “Church Growth”

  1. changedmeforgood December 3, 2012 at 11:34 am #

    I need the depth…to learn how to use my salt and light. To help make the seasoning of others mature them into lights to shine God’s words

  2. changedmeforgood December 3, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    GROWTH, by maturity then numbers. I have to learn how to use my salt to spread seasoning to others and let God Shine His light through me for others to see and want to know more.

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