The Reality of it all

25 Feb

God has called US (the church) to share His Good News with the world.  The world STARTS next door to us and moves out.  One day, He will hold us responsible for all of the opportunities we had and how we responded…  The REALITY of it all is this:  We’d better GET BUSY.

We actually bear witness of His reality in many ways:  The words we say, the actions we do, the ethic with which we work, the way we play… THEY ALL bear witness of how REAL Christ is to US!!!  And you had better believe those that do no know Him are watching!!  They want to see if He is real to us before they will ever believe the words we say about Him!!!

So the challenge for today and for this week is this:  START SMALL.  Concentrate on one way to LIVE FOR HIM today.  Completely turn one aspect of your life over to Him, and watch what He does with it.  And I will warn you:  This is contagious!  Once you turn one area over to Him, it will be so much easier to turn the next, and the next, and before you know it you ARE a LIVING WITNESS to Him, and your life is a SPIRITUAL ACT OF WORSHIP.  Just like Paul challenged us to live in Romans 12!!!

Test this and see if it is true …

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