Politics within The Church

2 Mar

This is NOT a blog entry about Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Green Party, Tea Party, or any other political group in America.  Or maybe it is.  I saw a tweet today from a friend that started a chain of thought I need to express.  Don’t be angered by this … Think about it, and by ALL means pray about it.

We as the church SHOULD be a Theocracy.  NOT a democracy.  NOT a benevolent dictatorship.  A THEOCRACY.  Meaning we are LED BY GOD.  The governance and movement of the church SHOULD NOT be done on the feelings, opinions, or whims of ANY man or woman.  Not of ANY PASTOR.  Not of ANY DEACON.  Not of ANY OTHER LEADER.  The church should only MOVE on the “opinion” of GOD ALMIGHTY.  Period.

Therefore, when churches created the miniature political terrariums that attempt to install checks and balances between Ministers, deacons, committees, elders, boards, and any other entity, THOSE CHURCHES ARE APPROACHING THINGS IN AN UNGODLY MANNER.  If there is a lack of trust between these groups, there is a huge problem.  And somewhere ONE of these entities is trying to conduct business with their own agenda instead of seeking the holy heart of God Himself.

How do we fix this??  ALL YOU CAN DO IS SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.  And all these things will be added.  And if a church begins to do this in unity, God is glorified, His kingdom is built, and He can do great things with that body of believers.

And THAT is what I want for my church … How about YOU???

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