Good food for a GREAT cause

11 Mar

NEXT Tuesday, March 19, Roger’s BBQ at 2004 Second Loop Road in Florence will be OPEN for Lunch (10am-2pm)!!  Proceeds will benefit the Honduras Mission Project of Ebenezer Baptist Church.  I was able to go last July for the first time and, quite frankly, my life will never be the same.

It wasn’t the well-over 1000 patients we helped in the medical clinics (I think some of them could be called frontier clinics)…  It wasn’t the absolute JOY and ABANDON of self  with which the Honduran believers approached their worship and belief in God Almighty … It wasn’t even the tears of joy I saw from those who received a Bible in their native language, something they couldn’t afford that only costs us the price of a cup of premium coffee.  No, it wasn’t any of those things, although they all reduced me to tears at times.

You want to know what changed my life while working in this mission:  It was seeing God’s hand at work in His MOST POWERFUL WAYS, and knowing without a doubt that there was NO EXPLANATION for some of what I saw except that it was HIS HAND.  Period.  Just like Saul of Tarsus and so many others would testify, once you come face-to-face with Christ, you life will NEVER be the same!!

So, this year not only am I going back to hand-deliver the Bibles that many of my friends have helped provide, but I am also trying to find a way to take the three other Wikelings with me!!  (Pray for me in that!!!)

But this BBQ is not for ME…  It is helping all of the mission team and all of our stuff to get there!  And providing us with materials with which we will do everything God calls us to do while we are there.

As I stated before, walk-ins are welcomed, but if you would like DELIVERY, please download the attached form and fax it back!!  And thanks for all of your help!!

Honduras BBQ Order Form

And, by the way:  If you want to help send Bibles, you can still do that too!!  Contact me and I will tell you how!!


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