Why are we having a special called business meeting?

11 Mar

Yes, a question many have asked.  I will tell you it is NOT to present a candidate for youth minister, although we are getting close to that (I think)…  But it IS related to that!!

In our search (and research) for finding the next youth pastor, we have found that Ebenezer has NOT done a good job of paying our youth minister…  Yes, with Justin we had a Cadillac but were paying him like he was a Ford Pinto.  NOT GOOD.  After confirming this fact through multiple sources (including the South Carolina Baptist Convention), we need to make some adjustments in order to find the right one!!!

Personnel went to Finance, and they agreed whole-heartedly … and THEN they found the money.  Money that was allocated for a van payment that was FINISHED in December of 2012!!!  So, the money we need to make this adjustment IS ALREADY IN THE BUDGET!!  We can make this adjustment without any impact to our weekly need!!  Isn’t it neat how God works these things out even before we realize we need them!!!

Soo … I know I haven’t answered all of the questions.  If you have any more, ask the Personnel Team:  Danny Parker, Danny Counts, Keith Pettigrew, Jumana Swindler (AKA “Ousier”), Kay Andrews, and Trudy Carter.  And be there on Sunday MORNING!!!

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