A matter of trust

8 Apr

If you do not trust God, you WILL NOT trust each other.

One of the biggest obstacles for any church is a lack of faith.  A lack of trust in what God is doing.  A doubt of that to which God has called the church to do.  And when the church does not trust God, it will not trust each other.

I’ll confess this to you:  When I see this at Ebenezer (or in any church), it really breaks my heart.  The basic mistrust.  The conspiracy theories.  Then, when you add in the concept that teams like Personnel has to operate in a somewhat-confidential manner, it makes suspicions abound even more.  For no reason.  (Thanks to the legal climate of our modern society, Personnel HAS to operate in silence for most of their job.  It keeps the church from being sued, so this is a good thing!!)

I could write and write about this topic, but to cut to the chase:  We NEED to trust God.  We NEED to trust each other.  Otherwise, we will never see the full potential God has planned for our church OR for each of us as individuals.  Period.


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