Why should we be surprised?

10 Apr

Sometimes I think about the national issues of today … the politically charged hot issues … and compare them to the hot issues just 20 years ago.  And I am amazed.  And I wonder what kind of world my children will have to navigate in 20 or 30 years.  And, honestly, that makes me sad.

And, slowly, I see the handwriting on the wall:  There are some in this world that call me narrow-minded and bigoted BECAUSE I believe the Word of God.  All because I believe God’s Word is true, and that I believe I am required to add nothing to it or take nothing away from it (Revelation 22:19).  Slowly but surely in these United States, I am seen as a monger of hate.  A pinhead (ok, I’ve been THAT for some time).

But why are we surprised??  There are two simple truths that will make these things more and more true, at least as long as people who do not fear God are at the helm of our society:

1.  People DO NOT WANT their sin exposed.  NO ONE likes to be called on the carpet, and NO ONE likes to be reminded their lives are against the Will of God.  Period.  And they will fight it tooth and nail.  Now, let me interject one very important fact here, too:  ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD.  We have ALL SINNED.  NONE OF US IS PERFECT.  So, this statement is not made from some high and lofty perch.  I am just as imperfect as the next guy, and ALL SIN is bad in God’s eyes.  Not just the ones identified in political battles.

2.  Jesus told us people would HATE US because we love Him.  Go read Matthew 10.  Jesus told us that the WORLD would hate us because of Him.  And, they hated Him.  I mean, c’mon, THEY CRUCIFIED HIM!!  ANOTHER NOTE:  When they HATE us, this is NOT A LICENSE for us to HATE THEM.  In fact, Jesus also reminded us that it is EASY to love those who love you … But, we who follow Christ are called to LOVE OUR ENEMIES and to PRAY FOR THOSE WHO PERSECUTE US.  In every way, Jesus reminded us that THE STATE OF OUR HEARTS, EVEN TOWARDS THOSE WHO HATE US, should be that of love.  There is no room for the volleys of hate from our side of any issue.

So, why should we be surprised?  In Matthew 10:22, Jesus reminded us that those who stand firm until the end will be saved.

I know what I’m going to do.  How about you?

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