They were just babies

20 May

Yesterday.  All my troubles seemed so far away.  I had my entire life ahead of me.  My children would jump up and down and get really happy when I came home from work.  They would run to me and hop up in my arms.  And life was good.

Then I blinked my eyes, and one walked across a stage to receive her Bachelor of Science degree.  And the other … He is ready to walk across a stage for his high school diploma.  And, it seems like only yesterday when he would hop up in my lap just to spend time with me.  He could barely walk, but he sure could hop up in my lap.  Where has the time gone???

Yesterday (the LITERAL day) was awesome.  And one of the hardest days of my life.  As I prepared for the Baccalaureate Service at EBC, I couldn’t help but realize who those graduates were.  Those graduates hold a piece of my heart, and they have since the beginning of my ministry at Ebenezer.

When we moved here almost 18 years ago, Drew was one month old.  And most of those kids that walked down the aisle in their caps and gowns were babies.  Just babies.  And I have watched most of those children grow up at EBC.   Keith Pettigrew and I have coached them in basketball, some of them in baseball.  Diana and I have cheered them on in many other sports.  These kids are like my own children.  And I love them that way, too!!

If ever there was a class that I personally KNOW Ebenezer has impacted in a positive way, this is it.  And here is something I could’ve NEVER said yesterday:  As a parent, I am SOOOO thankful for everything Ebenezer has done to prepare my son for the next step in his life.  From the Nursery, Sunday School, Children’s Church, RAs, and every aspect of Youth Ministry, there have been many hands that have shaped my son into the man he has become.  And I am thankful for every one of them!!  (And I know every parent in that room yesterday feels the same way)

I cannot see these kids as babies anymore.  They are young men and women.  And many of them are ALREADY making a tremendous impact on this world for the Kingdom of God.  And, life is GOOD!!!

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