Don’t back away

22 May

We are called.  Called to be the hands and feet of the Kingdom of God.  Called to be light and salt in a world in DESPERATE need of the truth.  Called to be the voice of the Good News.

How are we doing on that??  The Holy Spirit will empower us and direct us.  Through Him, God will show us exactly WHAT WE NEED TO DO, WHERE WE NEED TO GO, and WHAT WE NEED TO SAY.  So, what could we possibly have to fear??

The devil WANTS YOU to be afraid … be VERY afraid.  He wants you to shrink back and hide.  He does NOT want you to use your hands, feet, mind, voice, or anything else to build the Kingdom of God.

I don’t know what God is calling YOU to do today, but DON’T BACK AWAY!!  If God called you to it, you can bet He has your back ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT.

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