Putting Family First

19 Jun

I really, truly believe God calls us to put HIM FIRST and FAMILY NEXT.  Perhaps to a fault, but I will not apologize for that.  When my children were smaller, I would build my schedule (as much as I was able) to spend time with them … To see their ball games … To help them with homework … ANYTHING they needed.  Because I firmly believe that was/is my calling as a dad.

Will you take criticism for that??  YES.  WHY??  Because, at the very base of his strategy, the devil wants to tear the family unit apart.  ESPECIALLY a family that lives for God!!  Think about it:  The devil’s tricks really haven’t changed much over the past few centuries.  He is still about the business of wanting to topple the Kingdom of God, and that happens by attacking families of those serving in that Kingdom.

So, if you put family first, you can expect the world to criticize … to attack … to never understand.  To apply peer-pressure.  You can expect the devil to do anything he can do to distract you and me from doing what God has called us to do.

That can be scary … HOW DO WE FIGHT THIS??

FOLLOW GOD.  OBEY HIM.  Do whatever He leads you to do, in spite of what the world says.  Do what you KNOW is right in God’s eyes.  He won’t let you down!!!

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