Walking among Giants

1 Jul

I walked among giants today… It was the first time in a long time that we have done something like this.  Perhaps too long.

Today, on my first day back from my real vacation, I met with the ministers of Ebenezer for most of the day.  And we talked.  We evaluated.  We dreamed.  We prayed for His vision for our church.  And we continue to do so.

And as I sat in that room I realized I was surrounded by GIANTS… Not the mean, Jack-in-the-Beanstalk variety of giant … But people who cast very large shadows in the kingdom of God.  People of faith.  People of vision and mission.  And we are fortunate enough to call them our church staff!!

Nathan, our newest member, brings a fresh perspective and a great passion for what he is called to do.  I really like his insight, because it is not jaded by circumstances or past experiences.  Andi, who has such a passion for children and their families that it brings her to tears.  Often.  Pam, who all of us agree is the GLUE that holds everything together.  Ed, who has been on staff at EBC the longest and brings a wealth of history AND spiritual insight.  And then there is me.

We did an exercise where we each identified one positive for every person in the room.  I was humbled by what they said about me.  And I am sitting there thinking about how much I really don’t deserve to be their pastor and their leader.  I had a week off to think about this meeting, and quite honestly, I am in awe of these four that surround me and carry their load and then some.  And I KNOW as all of us pray, God will provide GREAT THINGS that build HIS KINGDOM … and not ours!!

I guess what I am trying to write is this:  I am THANKFUL for Ed, Pam, Andi, and Nathan, and the GIGANTIC FAITH with which they walk.  I hope you are, too!!

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