Unfortunately …

12 Aug

In the last three days, two younger men I knew have lost their lives.  One to an accident and one to something that was not.  In the process of all of this, families and friends are in shock.  “Why?” doesn’t even seem to be an adequate question.  What now??

Death is indiscriminate.  We seldom ever know why and it is hard for us to be comfortable with this.  Sometimes there are no answers, and we like answers.  We want to know.  Some of the hardest times we will face in life will be times like these, where there might be no answers.

In both cases, all we can do is rest in the knowledge that these men had confessed Christ as their Savior.  Sometimes that just has to be enough …

And He is enough.  Praying for two families right now.  Join me.

One Response to “Unfortunately …”

  1. Linda B August 12, 2013 at 9:41 am #

    David, I wrote the following with my sister in mind. She is losing her first true friend to cancer. They are part of a group of women in her neighborhood and are supporting one another and their friend. Hope my words might be of some comfort.

    “When someone you love is losing someone they love.

    You can hear the pain in their voice when you talk. In my case this person is in another state so I can’t give them a physical hug.

    I can only listen and hope that my voice will have a calming and understanding influence. That somehow they will feel the presence of my love and concern. When you have lost a good friend you can be a source of comfort for someone going through this for the first time.

    Death is bitter and hard. We are left to hold the pieces of our hearts in our hands and wait until the hurt eases.

    The grief will settle into the shadows of our lives and we will move through life without them.”

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