God knows EXACTLY what we need

19 Aug

Here is a story about God and His wisdom, foresight, and provision:

About three or four months ago, Ed and I were talking and decided to invite Dawn Smith Jordan to lead us in worship this Sunday.  We thought it would be a nice finale to our summer of worship in the FLC, and something our teachers would enjoy as we recognized them at the beginning of the school year.  Little did we know …

If you are familiar with Dawn and her testimony, you know the story about her younger sister, Shari.  Those of us who lived in South Carolina will never forget the story of a young girl, about to start her senior year of high school, kidnapped at the mailbox in front of her family home and later murdered.  If you haven’t heard this testimony, my advice is to invite her to your church!!  Her information is at www.dawnsmithjordan.com

Anyway, little did we know that a family in our church would have young adult son who would be killed this week. That we would begin to walk a long, difficult path with no immediately clear answers and just a family … One of OUR FAMILY … carrying a burden that all parents hope they never have to carry.  Little did we know three months ago that God was making a divine appointment for this past Sunday. Dawn didn’t even know about any of this.  She just stood up, did what God led her to do, and all of the sudden HE WAS AT WORK!!

One of the things we love about Dawn is that she doesn’t just come do a concert, she ministers!!  Yesterday, LITERALLY … She met with the family afterward to pray for them and encourage them.  But I am more thankful that she is obedient, even in sharing the pain of such a lifechanging event.

God knows EXACTLY what we need.  This is not a cliche … This is REALITY for those who follow Him!!

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