Back in the Grind

21 Aug

School has begun!!  And for the first time in 16 years, I do not have a student in Florence School District 1 schools!! YIPPEEEE!!!  Now I won’t get 40 calls a week from their PhoneTree.  But, I digress …

Another summer has come and gone.  The older I get, the quicker they fly by.  We in Florence begin another school year and things start cranking back up all over town.  And, especially at Ebenezer.  But I wonder:  Will this be just another year??  Do we hop back into the same groove and do another year on autopilot??  What does He want US to change?  To improve?  To DO this school year?

I think hopping back into the same groove every year has another name, and that name is RUT.  And, seriously, do we want to find ourselves in the same ruts of life that can entrap us, that stunt our growth, and force us in the same directions and towards the same habits??  Do you REALLY think that’s what God wants for you?

God really wants what is best for you.  That means He wants you to be in a growing and vibrant relationship with HIm.  He wants you to FOLLOW HIM, and if we are truly following Him, He is constantly using us to plow new ground.  God seldom puts us in a rut… When we find ourselves in one, it is usually because of our own hands.

We all might be back in the grind of yet ANOTHER school year, but don’t let it force you into a rut.  Pursue a FRESH relationship with God TODAY.  And EVERYDAY.  And if you are in Florence and you need help with that, come see me at Ebenezer!!

One Response to “Back in the Grind”

  1. Amy Lauren August 21, 2013 at 9:14 am #

    I’m sure you’ll miss those automated calls telling you your child owes the lunchroom 50 cents (guess they wanted an extra milk or something?). I’ve heard all about that from my parent friends.

    I agree that so many people just go through life- but especially the school year- on autopilot. You definitely have to step back and see what’s really important :).

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