Nightmares and Miracles

5 Nov

What kinds of things comprise a pastor’s nightmares??  This morning I suddenly awoke and had VIVID memories of the nightmare I’d just had.  Paige Self McCabe and I were walking to the FLC this coming Sunday morning during Sunday School and we walked into the door and BAM!!!  The FLC was NOT set up for worship.  No chairs.  No stage.  No a/v stuff.  Quickly I ran out to go find Ed (and perhaps the AED unit to shock Ed’s heart back into rhythm after I told him).  We HAD to get the FLC setup within an hour for worship.  IMPOSSIBLE!!  And as I ran out, people were stopping me to tell me they needed a key … or this … or that.  I woke up and realized it was all a dream.  PHEW!!!  Yes, those are the nightmares of a pastor …

Sometimes I wonder if I should hide on Sunday mornings between worships.  I don’t because I enjoy the fellowship of others too much, and sometimes I get into trouble.  Inevitably I will be stopped and asked for things or asked to do things and it seems like I am running a gauntlet.  Someone usually needs a key or this or that.  Sometimes I promise to go do something RIGHT NOW not realizing that I will talk to ten other people between point A and point B.  Sometimes I get focussed and keep my eyes down, and find out later someone is upset with me because I didn’t speak or thinks I think I am being intentionally unfriendly.  It is quite a thin layer of ice on which I live!!

I don’t mind helping people and I love talking to people.  But I find myself getting older and forgetting things easier, therefore I make a serious effort to focus on one task at a time.  So know that I love you guys and am trying my best!!

On the other hand, a miracle.  A bona fide miracle that I got to see first hand.  The BEST part of my vocation is being able to have a front-row seat and see miracles that can only be explained by GOD!!  I visited a man yesterday who has been in the hospital for three weeks after a HORRIBLE wreck.  The day after his wreck I saw him and just wondered how long before he was no longer with us… But YESTERDAY I went in to see him and had a great conversation.  He is making remarkable progress and reminded me, once again, that God is INDEED the GREAT PHYSICIAN and He has a plan that is far better than anything we can imagine.  Even when we think all hope is lost, He is at work!!  I am thankful for that and for being able to talk to my friend yesterday!!

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