What do pastors do for exercise??

7 Nov

Last night, my exercise consisted of chasing Jack Newton and his band of wild boys all around the gym and making all of the ladies with their finest Christmas china nervous (so I was providing cardio for them as well!!)  Although technically I never had to run … All I had to do is point at Jack and walk towards him and he would freak out and start running.  Yes, I have that effect on children.

When I finally got tired and told him I wasn’t chasing him anymore, he did come over and start talking to me.  Jack is cool like that.

Tonight, a bunch of Ebenezer men and I will get our exercise waiting tables at the Annual Holiday Ladies Dinner.  It is a great event, sold out yet again, and I’ll guarantee it will glorify God much more than that concert at the Civic Center!!  If you have a ticket (or orders to serve), hope to see you there!!!


(Seriously, I go to Anytime Fitness on Cashua to work out and it is a GREAT PLACE!!  I like it much better than the Y!!)

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