Veteran’s Day 2013

11 Nov

As I have contemplated the meaning of Veteran’s Day today, I was quickly drawn to the veterans who have had a strong impact on my life…  Friends who have served.  Several uncles.  And two men who have a DIRECT impact on my existence, my grandfather and my dad.  I am thankful for the sacrifices they made, both while in the service of our nation and generally in life.  They taught me a work ethic and a life ethic that made me the man I am today.

This afternoon I was thinking about what today means and I decided to watch Toby Keith’s Angry American video.  Powerful images of men and women who serve our nation TODAY.  Lyrics that remind us of a day, not too far in our past, in which our nation was cut to the core.  Challenged.  And America accepted.

September 11, 2001 was another day that will live in infamy in modern history.  A day in which America was dealt a deadly blow on our own shores.  As horrible as that day was, we emerged like the majestic eagle that is our symbol of freedom.  Immediately after one of the weakest points of our history, we were strong in that weakness.  We were together.  United.  We loved our country and we grieved with those among us who lost loved ones as if they were our own.  But there was a unity of spirit in the post-911 days that reminded us all that Uncle Sam wasn’t dead.  That the rumors of his demise were much exaggerated.

Fast forward 12 years and today it seems to me that we are about as far from united as possible.  We cast stones at each other over nothing.  Our allegiances to sports teams and political parties even over-shadow our willingness to obey Christ.  Our economy is almost in ruins and we are reeling to find leaders to trust.  It is hard to find a good man or woman who is willing to serve in the public arena, and WE are to blame for it.  Some good men and women still serve.  I am thankful to know several of these who, by virtue of their service, paint targets on their backs and on their homes.  And yet they are willing.  But good men and women are becoming harder and harder to find.

WE, the church, hold a great deal of responsibility for this.  The United States has gone from being ONE NATION UNDER GOD to a nation ashamed of God, and ironically He should look upon US and feel ashamed of His people.  Our nation has thumbed its nose at God, at His Word, at His commands, and it seems some take great pleasure in doing so.  I believe in our lifetime we will see attempts to prevent the reading of certain passages of the Bible and possibly the censorship of those passages.  And it is all because we have kept our heads in the sand and done nothing.

Okay, so what am I getting at??  Am I about to call for some massive revolution, for a military resistance?? NO.  But, church, I am asking you this:  Are YOU willing to BE OBEDIENT to God and TELL OTHERS ABOUT HIM??

As we have chosen NOT to tell others about Him over the last few decades, we have allowed the fabric of America to weaken.  WE have NOT trusted God enough and now we are in a fix.  Do what HE commands.  If you are unclear about what He is commanding, please PRAY and READ YOUR BIBLE.  He will show you what He wants YOU to do.

Edmund Burke once said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Let’s not test this to find out if it is true.

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