Atheist Mega-Churches???

18 Nov

Yesterday I referred to an article issued by the Associated Press about Atheist Mega-Churches and how they are making their way across the Atlantic from the UK to the US.  Here is a link to the article:

NO, I wasn’t making a veiled insult to any church that might or might not be in Florence … This is real and this is a perfect example of what Jesus was talking about when He said the lost are wondering aimlessly in this world like sheep without a shepherd.  These, my friends, are the wolves that seek to devour.

We have been charged to be salt and light in a world that needs us.  We have been commissioned to go and tell the world about the Good News of Jesus Christ.  This urgency of this commission becomes more obvious when we realize that the world is out there trying to provide answers that are counterfeit at best.  But some are so thirsty for answers that they will accept anything.

What can you do about this today??  Tell one person about Jesus.  That is a start!!

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