Places of Honor

15 Dec

As I look back and the events of the past three weeks begin to sink in more, I was reminded of something I always saw in my mom but never really placed it until today. Mom was a “behind the scenes” person. She liked to work and accomplish things without a lot of fanfare or recognition. It was just the way she was. I think it is a “middle child trait.” In a lot of ways, Mom was the glue that held things together, and yet she did not seek praise or any sort of honor for this. She just did it because it needed to be done.

Jesus was talking about that very kind of approach in Luke 14 when He reminded us not to seek places of honor at a banquet!! Not to seek honor, glory, or fame for ourselves. Just do the things we are called to do, and when the time is right, the Host will honor us in the proper way. The way He will honor us is so much better than what we claim on earth for ourselves!!! Jesus makes clear that humility is SO IMPORTANT for those of us in the Kingdom of God. Our earthly nature tends to lead us to seek fame and glory for ourselves …

What if we did everything we will do today for the glory of God INSTEAD of for ourselves??? Would that make a difference? I think so. I saw a real difference in my Mom.

2 Responses to “Places of Honor”

  1. Patty. Gilbert December 15, 2014 at 5:33 pm #

    I was called to work at WABC the first time your mom had cancer. It was in January and time to get W2 forms out and Janet was unable to return to work. When she returned I had “taken over” the office, Janet could have resented me or made things uncomfortable, but she never once did anything of the kind! She made me feel welcomed and happy to work I the office with her! I loved your mom more than I could ever express! I loved seeing her and your dad as we were coming to church on Sundays and they were leaving! She was a tireless worker and everyone at the school, children and adults alike loved her!

  2. Kim Henderson Jordan December 15, 2014 at 9:31 pm #

    David.your so right..she was one of those who make sure things where taken care of at school..she worked at school office,worked at gym during the games.seen her worked all day at the school then drive to Cola to go with the basketball team sit in gym 3 teams play ball…then drive one kid(ME) all the way back to Greenville in the snow..i was so sick poor Ms.Wike she just smile and say it’s ok..ever time i say iam sorry…she say it’s ok…and i know some kids mom and dad’s where little short or behind on there school payments she would say it’s ok..(i’am sure she payed a lot of that her self…)And naver asked for it back or anyone knew she payed for it..Naver will forget this great lady.see ya soon Ms.Wke ya…

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