Don’t miss your divine appointment

22 Dec

I think it was the Experiencing God study that first brought this idea into my mind … That God reveals Himself to us in at least four ways: Through Prayer, through His word (the Bible), through the Holy Spirit, and through the Body of Christ. I had never thought about it before, but Henry Blackaby hit the nail on the head with that thought!! As I have lived my life since then, I’ve become keenly aware of how God does this in each of those avenues of life. And all four of those avenues have become so important to me!!

Prayer is far more than we make of it. Years ago I read a book titled “Mighty, Prevailing Prayer” by Wesley Deuwel. That work really stretched me to realize prayer is far more than something I do around my quiet time or at meals. Prayer has really become this ongoing conversation I have with God. Sometimes when I drive, I have a spoken conversation with Him (and I am sure people who see me driving think I am a loon). And that is okay … I would never give up my times talking to God. But prayer is MORE than talking. There are definite times in this conversation where I have to be still and allow HIM to get a word in edgewise … When I fail to do that, my prayer is ineffective because it is a monologue of my thoughts. It is so important for prayer to be a true, two-way conversation. Some will say I am crazy for writing that. Let them say it!!

It would be so hard to write what I really believe about reading the Bible. About God’s word. It really is living, breathing, and sharper than a two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). One of the things I love about it is the fact that every time I read it, the possibility exists that God will reveal something completely new and different to me. That brings in the work of the Holy Spirit, helping me to see what God is saying to me in my current circumstance (whatever that may be). God’s word is full of strong examples of His character and His consistency as He deals with US, the pinnacle of His creation!!

That is not the only work the Holy Spirit does in this revelation … The Holy Spirit convicts me of my sin. The Holy Spirit directs me into places where God wants me to go. I wish I could say I follow Him without exception or mistake, but I do not. And the Holy Spirit helps me learn from my mistakes. He also intercedes for me at the throne of God in times when I don’t even know what to say … Or what to pray. WOW!!

The Body of Christ also plays a role in the revelation of God to His people. My brothers and sisters in Christ encourage me, urge me, give me feedback, affirm me and affirm the work of God around me. I see His hand in so many things my brothers and sisters say and do. The Body of Christ, when we are clicking on all cylinders, are a wonderful revelation of God to each other and to the world!!

All four of these work together. All four of these are so important. All four of these will lead us to those divine appointments God has for us everyday. Please see the value of all of these!! Please don’t miss your next appointment!!!!!

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