God Bless Us, Every One

2 Dec

We are human.  Imperfect.  And we cannot help it!!

That is the entire truth.  The whole truth.  And nothing but the truth.  As Sgt Joe Friday would say, these are “just the facts.”  And while we cannot help but know that we are imperfect, there are several options concerning what we DO about it.  And be WE, I am talking about those of us who know Christ…

  • We can use it as the ULTIMATE EXCUSE.  And every time we fall short, we can just shrug our shoulders and say “I am imperfect.  I just cannot help it!!”  Not sure that will wash when we step into eternity.
  • We can IGNORE IT.  We can put on the front of absolute perfection because, after all, that is what the world expects of the church.  RIGHT??  When we put on masks and pretend we have perfect lives, the only people we convince of that might be ourselves…  On a delusional day.  We know our flaws.  Most anyone can see through masks, especially over time.  We can pretend this is not reality, but all that really does it complicate an already imperfect life.
  • We can TRUST GOD to remake us in HIS IMAGE.  This is probably the most difficult of all options, because it takes work.  Discipline.  It requires to read His word, spend time with Him and with other disciples.  To actually be vulnerable with God and allow other followers of Christ to hold us accountable.  To seek the TRUTH of God in His word, and NOT live life as the world does:  Only doing what is RIGHT in my own eyes.  I will, to the best of my ability, do what is right in God’s eyes.  And the only way I will know what THAT is will be by spending time with Him.

I am sure there are other options … Other routes around this problem.  But those three are the most popular.  And the route you choose will have a direct impact on the happiness, peace, and meaning that you find (or don’t find) in life.

Which will you choose?


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