The Reality of God’s blessings

3 Dec

You’ve heard it.  I’ve heard it as well.  I’ve heard it said and I’ve heard it implied.  “If you bless God, He will bless you.”

Now, I DO believe God will bless those who bless Him, who live according to His word and pursue His will for their lives.  In fact, there are so many blessings involved in that it might be too many to name.  HOWEVER, God’s definition of blessing is a little different than ours.

In the western world, we equate blessing with money and material gain.  Don’t we??  We see someone who seems to be doing well financially and think “God has really blessed them.”  I DO believe God is responsible for everything we have and everything we are.  But when it comes to God blessing us, He often blesses us with things money cannot buy.  With the peace that material possessions cannot bring.  That is hard for us to understand, but I believe it to be true.

So, when that tele-preacher tells you to send him $100 and God will send YOU $1000, don’t be so quick to jump on that.  But hear this:  If you follow God and pursue Him with all of your heart, and if you seek His will for your life, you will find God heaping blessings around you even in the midst of storms.  Even when times are going tough.

Because, this statement is absolutely true:  GOD WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.  And if you draw near to Him with your life, He will take care of you.  In good times.  And in the not-so-good times.

And that is something money can never buy!!!

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