A Question for YOU

4 Dec

If you had to share your most fond memory of Christmases-gone-by, what would you share?  Last night, I was in a room full of ministers and spouses and we were asked.  I probably wouldn’t have said anything, except I was under the impression we ALL had to share.

My answer?  You know, I’ve thought about this so much since last Christmas.  Honestly, the holidays took on an entirely new meaning to me after Mom died almost a year ago.  That feeling that it will never be the same always hangs out there.  My mom LOVED Christmas.  And the thing she loved the most was my answer …

When I think back through the 49 Christmases I’ve spent on this Big Blue Marble, the gifts I don’t remember … (Well, honestly, I do remember some of them.)  When I think about the most significant trait of Christmas, I remember my grandfather, Ben Hooper.  I remember how much HE LOVED being with his family.  Christmas was one of his favorites BECAUSE of family.  Honestly, Christmas really changed for me in 1995 when he passed away.

My fondest memories of Christmas were spent down at his house with mom’s family, her four sisters and brother and their families.  Papa getting his projector out and us watching old movies he made with his Super-8 camera, which had NO sound.  The awesomeness of this was that we were all together.  That made my Papa happy.  Now I realize it made my mom and dad happy, too.

So, when I think about what was special about Christmases gone by, those memories of my family flood in.  And I am grateful.  And it inspires me to try to make those kinds of memories with my family.

The world tells us the greatest things of Christmas are GIFTS … STUFF.  Funny how untrue that really is!

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