The State of Being

1 Feb

Church, we are in the middle of troubling times.  The way the world has changed in the past two years (let alone the past two decades) is troubling at best.  The things Jesus taught about in Luke 12 concerning character and the possibility of persecution for the Church could very well come true in our generation.  We need NOT fear (go read Luke 12 if you don’t believe me!!), but we do need to be ready!!

Growing up at Washington Avenue Baptist Church in Greenville, I had two great pastors:  Dan Greer and Eddie Greene.  Both of these men reminded us constantly to be ready, that there might be a day when we will not have God’s word readily available.  They both impressed the need for us to memorize it in case there is a day when we cannot have it.  I never could imagine that being a reality in America.  Today, I almost see it as a certainty in the next few years … We never know what will happen.  BE READY!!!

Now more than ever, this world needs us to BE the people of God we are called to be!!  I’m praying we all strive to that today.  Hope you will join me, not only in praying for this but also in stretching towards that goal!!

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