What we are supposed to BE?

1 Feb

Several adults in a church … Followers of Christ, mind you … Decide they don’t like a certain adult because ____________ (fill in a reason).  So they ostracize.  They criticize.  They gossip.  They pick apart each flaw and every mistake.  Their pastor sees it, and it breaks his heart.  And nothing anyone tries to do will sway them or change their minds.

I saw an article today about a scientific study that said hanging around in a bar where everybody knows your name is a good thing.  Step beyond the fact that it is a bar and I am a Southern Baptist pastor, and see a HUGE truth here:  It IS healthy to be a part of a community that accepts people in spite of their faults, just as they are … THAT is what the article is getting at.  And, as a pastor, it disgusts me to think that a bar could be outdoing any church.  My church.  So, the true question for those of us who follow Christ is this:  DO WE ACCEPT OTHERS?  CAN WE SEE BEYOND THEIR FAULTS AND SINS AND SEE THE POTENTIAL GOD HAS FOR THEM??

I mean, after all, Jesus Christ embraced US JUST AS WE WERE.  WHY are we not capable of doing the same?  Why would we ever ostracize, criticize, and gossip?  Will we read these truths and realize when Jesus said to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HE MEANT?

No, I am not recommending that anyone go find a bar to be your community.  No, church, that is not at all what I am saying.  What I AM BEGGING YOU TO DO IS UNDERSTAND THAT WE NEED TO BE THE COMMUNITY THAT ACCEPTS OTHERS.  Period.

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