Your words matter

6 Sep

Believe it or not!!  SOMEONE is listening to you!!  And your words make a difference, whether they be positive or negative.  They matter.

This weekend I was floored by a social media post from an owner of a small business in my town.  A post that I found offensive, and when he was challenged, it went from mild to wild.  My first thought was “If this is the kind of man he is, I do NOT want to do business with him.”  Then…  IMMEDIATELY … a situation came to mind about Ebenezer.  Some words were said in front of someone (by a MEMBER of our church), and this person walked away thinking “If THIS is an example of Ebenezer, that church has serious problems.”


And it grieves me.  I often talk about how our presence in the community is a representation of Ebenezer AS WELL AS the Kingdom of God.

There is no defense for the things that were said.  I might think “Well, the one who was offended might be looking for an excuse to not attend and engage a church.”  But that doesn’t matter one bit.

I might argue that NO ONE at Ebenezer is perfect.  That we make mistakes, ALL OF US.  In fact, follow me around for a little while and see how imperfect I am!!  AND I AM THE PASTOR!!  But that is no excuse, either.

The truth is, YOUR WORDS MATTER.  MINE DO, TOO.  Who we are in our communities is who we are, period!


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