A Living Act of Worship

2 Oct

Tonight I will lead the third session in a six-session class on Sharing your Faith.  God is the object and subject of any Christ-centered church … (Or, at least He SHOULD be).  Our primary focus is WORSHIP, but very closely linked is the challenged Jesus issued in the Great Commission: that WE are to be HIS VOICE here on earth.  WE are commissioned to GO and TELL the WORLD that He died for their sins.  That He defeated SIN and DEATH and is ALIVE!!!  And that HE is our WAY (and the ONLY WAY) to a relationship with God the Father, the relationship for which we were CREATED!!!

So we are challenged to TELL THE WORLD.  The WORLD starts right here.  It is all around us.  And, if we are to be heard in our world, if we are to be taken seriously, we must live lives that tell the story as well!!  I think that is what Paul was talking about in Romans 12:1-2 when he challenged us to offer our bodies as LIVING SACRIFICES.  To live in a way that is SET APART.  To not CONFORM to this world, but to be TRANSFORMED because we have allowed Christ Himself to renew our minds.  Paul said if we will do this, we will be able to clearly see God’s will for our lives.  God will be pleased with us.

But there is something else here.  Something we could easily miss if we do not read carefully.  If we live lives that are HOLY, SET APART, and TRANSFORMED, the world around us will KNOW there is something different about us.  They will KNOW Christ is REAL.  And when we establish THAT with the manner in which we live our lives, they will WANT TO HEAR about Christ!!  Not only do we earn the right to be heard, but they will WANT TO KNOW more!!

And, so, we go … And we tell …  And we not only tell those who look like us, dress like us, and act like us.  We tell EVERYONE within our reach!!  No matter how much alike or different they might be!!!  Our call is just to TELL!!

That is the reality of living as an act of worship to God.  It pleases Him, and it tells the world that He really is WORTHY!!!

Go and do likewise …..

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