Church, We have a Problem

12 Mar

We talked about this at Ebenezer today.  At least, a little bit.  I believe this problem exists in many North American churches today.  It is a great problem to have, and a terrible one.  And we find ourselves caught in the middle….

As more and more people turn to the Church, more and more seek to be part.  And this is a great thing.  We Southern Baptists have mastered the idea of programming as a way of engaging those who seek Christ.  And this method presents the difficulty of the problem:  As more and more seek to engage, there is a greater need for workers.  For those seasoned Christians to engage people who want to know more.

The crux of the problem is the fact that we live in a society that places far more value on enjoyment that service.  “What is in it for me??”  That seems to be far more the question asked in the modern church than:  “How can I make a difference for Him?”

This problem is simple, sad, and might end the life of the North American church if left unchecked:  WE have a heart problem.  A servant problem.  Jesus said “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”  Then Jesus told us to PRAY God would send out more workers.  I am praying that God WILL send more workers forth at Ebenezer and churches everywhere.  Because there are tons of people all around us who want to know more about Christ.  They watch us, they listen to us, they rely on US.  And I hope we are teaching them the right things, and not multiplying the problem.

Join me in that prayer.

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