Well …. Isn’t THAT Special!!

19 Mar


Jesus never actually met the Church Lady when He walked the earth almost 2000 years ago.  But He did meet her ancestors …

Dana Carvey brought the Church Lady alive decades ago on Saturday Night Live.  You did not have to watch her long to realize she thought much of her own piety and very little of everyone else.  She often did her superior dance to celebrate her own closeness to God as she compared it to guest after guest who just didn’t measure up.  We watched her and we laughed.  We thought “How ridiculous for anyone to live that way.”  Little did we realize this is a way of life for many.  And perhaps us at times.

Jesus Himself was attacked by the Pharisees and Sadducees because He wasn’t as superior as they …  He frequently taught against the legalism of religion and called His disciples to God’s true intent for the law:  The state of our hearts.  God looks past the surface of who we pose to be and sees what is really in our hearts and minds.  He sees past the facade into what is real.  Too often, we like to stop at the surface and camp out … We see the blemishes of others and like to point them out.  Maybe we just do that in our minds, but we do it.  And it makes us feel …. SPECIAL.  And inside we do our little superior dance and think about how much more we please God than another.  And God grieves.

Why do churches struggle?  Because we live that way.  Why is there racial tension in our communities?  Because we haven’t been willing to step forward and break down barriers.  Why are families drowning?  Because we find it messy to get involved.  The list could go on, but the theme is easy to see:


It is much easier than the devil wants you to believe …..


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