Breaking Down the Walls

20 Mar

There is a revival afoot in Florence.   If you live here, you definitely want to take part!!  It began in the shadow of an ominous event almost two years ago, when a young man entered Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston with the intent of doing evil.  Nine of my brothers and sisters in Christ lost their lives that day, because of their race and their love for Christ.  Period.  And it still breaks our hearts in the Great State of South Carolina.

But God can bring great things out of the ashes of bad …

You see, in the buckle of the Bible belt, our reaction was a little bit different from that of other parts of our nation.  Instead of drawing lines and throwing stones, we bonded together and prayed.  And trusted God.  As heartbroken as I was, I was proud of Charleston and how that city came together in the face of it all.  Evil did not ultimately win that war.  The Armor of God was deployed and it did its job!

Here in Florence, churches of all denominations and creeds began to gather and pray. Together.  Through a series of events and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, this group brought Tony Evans to Florence just last month.  And history is still writing itself!!

If you skip back 150 years or so in the history of our area, you will find the story of Samson Ham.  Samson Ham was a slave who attended Ebenezer Baptist Church.  And the hand of God was upon this young man.  So much so that God led some of the men of Ebenezer to pool their money and buy his freedom.  And Samson Ham worked hard to found Savannah Grove Baptist Church.

When you jump forward to 2017, how fitting is it that God has once again put Savannah Grove and Ebenezer together in our ONEness EmbRACEd project.  And we have realized several key factors that would disarm racism and bring harmony to our little part of the world if we can spread the word:

  • We MUST be intentional in our relationships with each other
  • Those of us who call Christ Savior are all playing for the same team!!  And we have the same goal in mind:  The Kingdom of God!!
  • It all starts with us GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER FACE TO FACE!!!  It is hard NOT to love someone you know!!  ESPECIALLY OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!!

As for Ebenezer, Pastor Canty said something last night that is 110% true:  There are no two greater groups equipped for this!!  There might not be two churches in Florence County with the history of Savannah Grove and Ebenezer.  WE SHARE THE SAME DNA!!!  They are LITERALLY our brothers and sisters!!  Time to LIVE LIKE IT!!

Will any of it make a difference??  I KNOW IT WILL!!  And, as for me and my house, we will choose the Golden Rule and LOVE!

How will YOU make a difference?

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