Heavens to Murgatroid, part 2

23 Sep

Co-ed softball is over. And I am glad. No, I didn’t play this year but Krissy did. So we would go to the games. Last night we finished out our part of the tournament by winning the first game against Hoffmeyer Road. They are fun to play. Good sports.

THEN, we had to play another team that I won’t name to save a little embarassment to their church. They are not so fun to play. Like to get drunk in the parking lot before the games, and then come in and act like complete jerks . . . They have done that for years, to the point that I don’t ever like playing against them and they are part of what I don’t miss about men’s league.

And they beat us. We had it in our hands in the last inning, but couldn’t pull it through. Well, c’est frommage!!! ON TO BASKETBALL, where some churches act like complete jerks. But if they think they are gonna drink in my parking lot, they’ve got another thing coming.

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