Are you ready for Christmas?

10 Dec

Christmas time is one of the best times of the year. Yes, it is hectic. Yes, there is always the struggle to get the right gifts for your friends and family. Yes, there is more to do at a church than you can even imagine. But it is also a great month!

There is something about the Christmas spirit that softens us, that changes us for a brief period of time. We seem to get along better. I believe it is because we who follow Christ try to understand the significance of this great holiday, and it unites us. We can’t deny the true reason for the season, and for that brief period we can put aside all of our differences and focus on Him. I wish we could take THAT part of Christmas along with us year-round (and I KNOW our Heavenly Father would love that, too).

Are you ready for what God is doing this holiday season??

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