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Workin on a new look, and a new location

20 Apr

Yes, if you are reading this, you’ve found the NEW home of my blog, WordPress. I LOVE IT!! I am getting everything ready for a grand unveiling, including a new domain name. But, for now, this is where I am!!!

Close to the Finish Line

19 Apr

Yes, the Wikes took another road trip this weekend. Drove to Easley Thursday night after Drew’s track meet … Worked like CRAZY for two days … (We DID go pick Krissy up after her last Friday class so she could JOIN us in the madness) … Spent some time with Dad each afternoon … Drove back to Florence LATE Saturday night.

It’s another Monday and I sit here wondering where the weekend really went?? We got lots of furniture moved, a couple of little ramps built, and several other things done. But there is so much more to do and Dad is coming home on Thursday …
I AM thrilled that he is coming home, even in spite of the circumstances. Is he ready??? Really not sure about that one. But his rehab days are running out and the case worker strongly advises us to save some. AND Mom is very close to the end of her rope concerning staying in Greer every night and day, with only a quick trip home to wash clothes, take a shower, and feed the dog.
Dad IS doing somewhat better. But he really has seemed to plateau. Hopefully home will make a big difference. He is so close to the finish line of THIS particular race. Hope he has a good week!!!

Dad Update

15 Apr

Well, it looks like Dad will be coming home NEXT Thursday (April 22). woo hoo. I guess. I AM excited that they are getting out. I am afraid Dad is not quite ready yet. And Mom really doesn’t know what she is up against. I don’t think any of us will know that until we walk through it. And walking through it with Mom from 3 hours away will be tough.

IMMEDIATELY, there are things that need to be done to make this work. I am trying to find someone to pour a concrete pad in front of the house for wheelchair use. Trying to figure out how we are going to modify a bathroom to be wheelchair compatible. How do we find a wheelchair accesible van?? (We’ve had some good advice on that one, just working through it)
Much to do before next Thursday ….

This is gonna be one of THOSE Mondays

12 Apr

I can already tell. Yesterday was one of the longest Sundays on record. I think it was a 26 hour day. When I woke up this morning, I felt like someone had beat me senseless with a bag of nickels. Come to think of it, Diana did have a huge smile on her face while still sleeping.

And there is already much on the docket for today. Several in the hospital. Funeral home tonight. Heaven knows what else in between.
So bring on the coffee and KEEP IT COMIN!!!!

The Sunday after Easter

11 Apr

Ebenezer, you surprise me … Usually the Sunday after Easter is the LOWEST attended Sunday of the year. And you almost couldn’t find a seat at the 8:30 service. THAT IS AWESOME!!

It COULD have something to do with the fact that I almost DARED you to show up today …

It COULD have something to do with the fact that Florence School District One had its Spring Break the week BEFORE Easter, so everyone is back and settled into their routine …

It COULD be a sign of great things to come …


It COULD have something to do with the fact that a huge combined Children’s choir sang today.

Who am I kiddin?? I KNOW its the KIDS!! But it is GREAT to see a FULL HOUSE on the Sunday after Easter!!!

What’s going on with Dad THIS WEEK?

7 Apr

Dad had a follow-up visit to the neurosurgeon yesterday. I was unable to be there, but DID fax some questions in …

Our basic problem now is that Dad has only had one really good day since his surgery over two weeks ago. He has been n a rollercoaster, with very few peaks since then. He seems to be losing ground in every way. His rehab days are almost up and he actually is worse off than he was when he first GOT to rehab.
I wonder if the shunt is working properly … (Dr Nelson does, too. He ordered a CT scan and a recheck next week) I wonder if we have reached the ceiling of recovery, if things really aren’t going to get any better.
Ever since Christmas Day, this has been our lot: Tons of questions and very few answers. Hurry up and wait.

Conviction VS Venom

5 Apr

YES … sounds like a Marvel Comics double issue!! But it’s not …

After a little chat with a friend today, the idea of exploring the difference between conviction and venom was born. I hope thinking about all of this benefits us all!
A FIXED OR FIRM BELIEF. We know character is DOING WHAT IS RIGHT, NO MATTER THE COST. When the Holy Spirit shows us clearly what we need to do, CONVICTION is that still small voice leading us to actions of character. Conviction is a key component in DOING THE RIGHT THING.
A “bad guy” in the Spiderman comic book series. Uh …. no … wait a minute … Venom is a poison, ejected with the intention of harming or killing another. When we think about venomous creatures, certain snakes and spiders come to mind. But venom comes from PEOPLE, TOO. A venom with no chemical makeup, but just as poisonous and just as deadly.
OUR VENOM consists of slanderous words and actions, meant to harm our fellow man and woman. Our venom resides in rumors, gossip, and lies, spoken to bring others down. Venom is born in ungodly thoughts, selfish thoughts about others. At times, we inject venom into situations that frighten us or towards people by whom we feel threatened.
We don’t like to admit this, but ALL OF US, at times, have spewed venomous words that came from venomous thoughts we had about individuals or organizations. AND IT IS TIME FOR ALL OF US TO GROW UP, EVALUATE OURSELVES, AND STOP.
In other words, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”
When we spew venom, we only reveal ourselves to be people of questionable character. And when those of us who claim Christ as Savior do it, we not only bring ourselves down, we do damage to the witness of His Kingdom.
What we are talking about here REALLY IS Conviction VS Venom …

A blog about a lot of stuff

5 Apr

I haven’t had the time to blog lately … So here goes the MEGA UPDATE:

Dad did pretty well in his recovery last week at the beginning of the week. Was walking more and more, did not let gout get in his way. As the week went by, he seemed to plateau a little. He has not had a good weekend. Mom is starting to realize that she will need help to take Dad home, and his rehab window is running out. Much prayer is needed for this, because lately he won’t let her out of his sight.
Immediately after Maundy Thursday service, Diana, Drew and I drove to Easley. We got up early Friday morning and completely emptied Mom and Dad’s bedroom to clean the carpet. We then went to Clemson to get Krissy and came back over to Easley, then Greer. Drew and I took Dad out for a long walk around the campus and sat on the porch for a long time. We went back in, had supper with Diana’s family, and went back to the house to paint one of the bedroom walls that desperately needed it.
On Saturday morning, we put the furniture back in, headed over to Clemson, then to Greer. Then home. (MAN I WAS TIRED)
Sunday was AWESOME at Ebenezer. I count myself grateful to be part of a REAL NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH. NO ONE can match my Ebenezer family.
I tweeted Friday about being tired of Southern Baptist bashing going on in Florence and was amazed at some of the responses, both on Facebook and in personal emails. I KNOW GOD WILL DEFEND HIS CHURCH. That is all I need to say about it!!!