17 May

Last night at EBC we had our annual Royal Ambassador / Girls in Action recognition service.  In this service we honor the hard work of our boys and girls in mission study throughout the school year.  I love it, because it reminds me every year of how much those guys and girls are growing up.  It is also a gentle reminder of the most unappreciated resource of any church – Volunteers.

RAs and GAs are two of many ministries at Ebenezer that would not exist without volunteers:  Men and women who believe in the mission and are willing to give their time to see it become reality.  I often joke from the pulpit there must be a special place in Heaven for RA workers … I could say the same for GA workers, too!  Both jobs are TOUGH and the rewards are solely in the results.  And, as a pastor, I am VERY THANKFUL for the number of adults who help make these programs happen.  I am thankful for adults who are willing to meet for long hours to develop and plan other ministries of the church.

I guess what I am writing is this:  I am THANKFUL for people who seek God’s will and followHis call!!

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