6 Oct

Are YOU self-centered??  Does the world revolve around you (or, at least, do you expect it to)???  Is life all about your happiness and fulfillment, regardless of what it does to those around you??

If so, there are several facts of which you need to be aware:

1.  Your friends have picked up on this.  And, whether or not they are brave enough to say it, they don’t like it.

2.  You are probably hurting far more people than you know.

3.  If you are worshiping yourself, you probably are violating that commandment God gave that said “Have no other gods before Me.”  (That is in the first recorded top-ten list in Exodus 20)

4.  If you are following yourself, let’s face it, that really does mean you worship at the altar of an imperfect “god.”

5.  Since you are imperfect, you cannot possibly have a plan for your life as perfect as the one God has for you.

6.  Rest assured that one day you WILL stand before the judgment seat of Christ, just as all of us will, and answer for how you’ve lived your life.

The good news is there IS a solution to this and it’s NOT too late!!!  YOU can live for GOD starting RIGHT NOW!!!  YOU can make this choice EVERYDAY!  YOU can shift your “center,” your focus, to GOD!!!

Make the right choice!

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