Lies Lies Lies YEAH!!!

7 Oct

Not that I am in favor of lies … in fact, quite the opposite.  That is just the catchy title from a Thompson Twins song from a lifetime ago …  But the topic is very relevant, and has been rolling around in my head for a while.

Like many of you, I really don’t like it when someone chooses to lie to me.  When we lie, we are usually doing it to “protect” ourselves in some way:  Maybe to make us look better in the eyes of others; maybe to cover up other lies or inappropriate things we’ve said or done;  sometimes we just do it to do it.  A lifetime ago I knew a guy who was about 5’3″ when he would tell us “I could dunk a basketball if I had my jumping shoes on.”  Hmmmmmm ……..

God said in the Ten Commandments that it is WRONG FOR US TO LIE.  Period.  Last night in a couple of Psalms we read in Bible study, David used the illustration of those who dig holes eventually seeing the holes cave in on themselves.  That the EXACT result of lies.

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