Tomorrow = 1 Year

2 Mar

Tomorrow …  Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the day that will live in infamy (at least, in my world).  The day I fell and broke both arms!  (Read about it here: )

I look at how far I’ve come and know GOD is still on His throne and still in control.  My left elbow still won’t straighten out, but it will bend in both directions much further than we ever thought it would.  In fact, the entire situation has improved much more than we ever thought it would.  There was a point in time when I didn’t know if I would ever be able to DRIVE again, much less get to a place where my left arm was usable.

What does the future hold for it??  Have no idea.  The doctor talked for a while about eventually doing a joint replacement, but that will be YEARS down the road.  I was discharged from therapy months ago, but the arm continues to improve and swelling is STILL slowly going down.

And God is still on His throne.  And that is enough for me!!!

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