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YOU think baseball is about feeling good??

12 Mar

Thinking about God

11 Mar

Theology . . . Words about God. You don’t have to have formal educational training to THINK ABOUT GOD. One of the things I have been thinking about lately is our unworthiness.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Saturday Night Live buff . . . Not so much lately, but since I was a kid sneaking up to watch Belushi and Ackroyd Ihave loved it. One of my favorite sketches is Wayne’s World, and character: Garth Algar. Garth always questioned his own worthiness when in the presence of rock royalty (Steven Tyler walks in, Garth freaks, starts bowing down and yelling “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy . . .”

Believe me, they were worthy. But yesterday it hit me: We really ARE NOT worthy. I don’t have as much of a problem thinking about the fact that God is our Heavenly Father, but that we are joint heirs with Jesus??? We really ARE NOT worthy. When I think about all that Christ was and is, and all that He did for us, WE ARE NOT WORTHY. I struggled with that for a while yesterday. And then, another light bulb. I was RIGHT!!! WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!! That is what faith is all about. That is the element of salvation that we really can’t understand, and were not MEANT to understand.

We are not worthy and did not earn salvation or God’s favor. ONLY BY FAITH and the power of God are we redeemed from our sin, made righteous in the eyes of God. The blood of Jesus Christ MADE us worthy and we are ONLY WORTHY because of HIS BLOOD.

We don’t deserve it, but God loves us and sent His Son to die for us. Only by His stripes are we seen as righteous in the eyes of God.


10 Mar

Is it too much to try to understand what is going on around you?? Some think so. When we get caught up in the “I am the center of the universe mentality,” we don’t care to take the time to understand ANYTHING because we think we understand EVERYTHING. And, I mean, come on, YOU are not the center of the universe. (because I am)

Seriously, there is a WHOLE WORLD around you, full of people, places, and things. Okay, full of nouns. And in this big world, we have a role to play. If Christ is your Savior, and He is the center of YOUR existence, then you have a serious and vital role to play in building the kingdom of God. Your presence is NEEDED to accomplish His will and purpose on this Earth.

So, the next time you think you have it all figured out, stop and realize that you don’t but God DOES. Place your faith in Him. Be understanding of those around you, of yourself, and most importantly seek to understand and discover His will for your life. That kind of perspective will give your life meaning as it has never had before.

Defeated (no pun intended to all of the Dook fans)

9 Mar

Do you ever feel that way?? DEFEATED?? No matter what you do, no matter how well you do it, you are making no headway and even losing ground?? They say a pastor should NEVER make a major life decision on Monday. Because Monday can be a very “defeating” day.

Yes, there are times around a church when pastors and ministers feel defeated. No matter what we do, it will never be good enough. Doesn’t hit the target. People don’t have any idea or care. The “numbers” just are not there. And, we wonder why??

This can become a vicious downward spiral. Until we wake up and realize something very important, being in the ministry can be very depressing. But then, the truth hits: WE DON’T DO THIS FOR THE NUMBERS. We do all that we do for God, as an act of OUR spiritual worship. And, suddenly, nothing else matters. How SHOULD a minister (or ANY Christian) measure success?? NOT BY THE NUMBERS. By the way it pleases God. HE is our measure of success. And HE desires our obedience.

So, if WE are obedient, HE is pleased. And if WE are obedient, there is NO WAY we can ever be defeated. CHEER UP, all you pastors out there!!!! God is IN CONTROL! And NOTHING ELSE matters.

A blog worth reading

5 Mar

I hope that is what I write. I know sometimes it is short, and sometimes it is cheezy, but there are things that make it to my heart and I think are worth putting on here. One of them was borne out of a discussion between myself and Justin Mc yesterday. We were talking about addicitons and sin, specifically pornography and God’s intention for sex and how misunderstood and bastardized it has become in the world.

Specifically, God’s expectation for sex is that it is for marriage. Sex should be between a husband and wife ONLY within the confines of marriage. NO ADULTERY. NO PRE-MARITAL SEX. He is pretty clear about that. WHY??

Sociologists have discussed, for YEARS, the damage done by multiple sex partners. Not only are there deadly health risks, but there is great emotional damage. How would you like to know that your husband or wife is seeing the faces of the 20 encounters they had (before they met you) every time you were with them??

In addition to the above, pornography adds a greater chance of addiction and the victimization of women. Porn gives men a totally WRONG idea about the desires of a woman, frequently shows women as victims, and creates a greater riff between the sexes. AND the lust involved creates a greater riff between man and God.

The world doesn’t want you to understand that, or to believe these words I am writing. The irony is that God doesn’t just have this expectation for sex to be difficult with us . . . He actually KNOWS what is best for us and only wants the best for us. So, there IS a purpose (once again) in His plan for sex.

What do you know??? God IS smarter than us. HA!!!!!

OOOOOOOOWW . . Gonzaga . . .

4 Mar

Gonzaga is one of those teams you hear about every year in the NCAA tourney. They are “giant killers.” Over the past few years they have produced some really good players that made it in the NBA and their reputation has grown. Last night, they were ranked in the top 20 when they took on another “Giant.” USC Upstate. And they killed THAT giant, 90 – 40.

OOOOOOOOOOOW. i am so impressed. (that is cyber-sarcasm)

How easily are we influenced?

3 Mar

I wonder who invents all of the stuff that is for sale in the early mornings on TV?? Even more so, I wonder who BUYS it??? I am so tired of hearing way more than I want to about money clips, shams, and male enhancement . . . I also wonder how some of those actors keep a straight face as they say their lines?

Is this what our society has become?? Why not . . . For years, our political system has been leaning this way. Why not??

Check out the Logos Hope!!

2 Mar

Most Ebenezerites will remember Jon and Holly Crowe. This is their ship!!

Be patient!!

2 Mar

Oh, if I could only LIVE the title of my blog today . . . Patience is a virtue, a desireable trait in all of us. And few of us really have it. And, I am the CHIEF of that group!!!

I am the guy that will order the part for my computer and check the shipping status 800 times in the next three days, just hoping for a miracle and not stopping to realize that it takes time to ship things. Yes, I need to slow down and THINK about things. But I don’t.

Sometimes this bleeds over into relationships. When something is a black or white issue, clear in right and wrong, I have very little patience. Now, I will be the first to confess that I have tried to live in the gray areas at times. And when it comes to God and His word, and His expectations of us, the gray areas are DANGER ZONES. Part of my job as a pastor is to warn of those zones. I have very little patience for those who thumb their noses at those warnings, and even go so far as to state that they don’t care what I think about those gray areas. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what David Wike thinks. What matters is what GOD’S WORD SAYS about the gray areas.

And, God says “Be patient!” God often tells me to slow down and allow the Holy Spirit to do His job. To realize that I cannot choose right or wrong for others, just for me. And I absolutely agree that is true . . . And, somehow, I still find a way to be hard-headed enough to be impatient!! HELP ME!! I AM HUMAN!!!!